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Workshops & GATHERINGs

I love  being surrounded by people. I believe gatherings should be a safe place of connection, community, learning, fun, growing, and healing. I create safe spaces where everyone is welcome, no matter the background or experience.
I regularly hold gatherings and workshops on various subjects that I find fascinating and worthy of sharing. Each workshop/ gathering is unique and helps in deepening your inner journey of healing. 

Here's what's coming up:

FulMoon Circle

By Donation

Workshop Location:

Virtual Video Circle

(Please contact me to reserve your spot)

Next Workshop Date & Time:   
Wednesday AUGUST 30 2023

promptly starts at 7pm PT (duration approx 1hr)
Limited spots, please contact to reserve your spot

Learn about the importance of the moon in our health (especially in our circadian rhythm and hormones).  In this circle we connect to the moon and work toward aligning ourselves with its rhythm. We open ourselves to the healing codes embedded in the moon and open to healing whatever needs to be addressed within. We start with grounding meditations then move into opening and awakening our pineal gland. 

Forest Meditation 

Maple Ridge

Please send email to to reserve your spot and for more details.

Workshop Location:

Next Meditation Date & Time:   
Saturday July 22 2023

(duration of this workshop is approx 3 hours)

Exchange: $25

Slow down, breathe, receive, and let yourself ground into Mother Earth. Allow her to guide you on a journey. Deepen your practice with trees, plants, nature, Mother Earth, and yourself. This workshop will guide you to practice self-love and presence while deepening your relationship with your inner and outer world. It will boost your immune system, help you destress and reset your nervous system, your thought patterns and gently bring you to a state of balance and love.

Summer Solstice

Workshop Location: 

Virtual Video Circle

(Please contact me to reserve your spot)

Workshop Date & Time: 

On this magical day where the sun is the highest, and the day is the longest, we gather in a sacred circle to celebrate light. The life-giving light that shines upon us, and the life-giving light that shines within us. We discuss and bring forth the light of consciousness, and what it represents. We celebrate our connection to the Divine and empower it within ourselves and let it shine bright. With love and an open heart, we give thanks and acknowledgement to the shadows that it casts and embrace the return of the dark (shorter days). We walk into joy and welcome the first day of summer and our light.
Other Workshops & Gatherings You May Like:
  • Forest Meditation   Slow down, relax your nervous system, boost your immune system, destress, and breathe into a quiet space surrounded by love. Enhance your listening and intuitive abilities. Learn about the art of tree hugging, forest bathing, communicating with nature, and connecting to your heart. Deepen your connection with nature, plants, trees, and yourself. A wonderful opportunity to quiet your mind, ground, and practice embodiment and receive healing
  • Full Moon Circle  Monthly sacred circle to deepen your connection & rhythm with the moon and the natural world, as well as open doors and invite deep healing & balance
  • Drumming Circle  Learn to drum, play the drum, and/or bask in the magic of the drum as you are being led into a deep meditation and sound journey with the sound of the heartbeat of the Earth - no drumming experience necessary, just come
  • Medicinal Broth  Dive deep into the world of medicinal plants and their healing properties, and learn how to use them in the world's most bioavailable and delicious food: Broth! Let's prepare this together, and enjoy the healing properties of this nutritious superfood 
  • Cold & Flu Home Remedy Workshop  Learn all about the immune system and how it's connected to your health. We take a deep look into the functions of our body systems, organs and how the magical world of plant medicine affects these systems. Together we have fun making sore throat pastilles and/or vitamin C pills and take a big step toward healing with whole foods!
  • Tea & Tisane  Plants are magic. They hold all the answers and provide us with their medicine. By looking at certain plants and their properties, we create specific concoctions that talk to our bodies. Here, we gather, learn about plants, their medicine, how to make tea, and enjoy the healing gifts together
  • Homemade Toothpaste  With amazing plant allies, we have all the power in our hands (or mouth). Learn to make easy toothpaste at home that cleans teeth, gums and balances the good bacteria in your mouth to prevent build up of bad bacteria
Don't see what you're looking for? With many local partners and friends, we may be able to provide you with what you need. Don't be afraid to reach out, we love hearing from you and helping where we can! 
Please send your name, contact info, and the workshop/gathering you're interested in, even if it's not on this list. If we have enough people interested, we will create it!  
Come connect, learn, laugh, have fun. Let's support and empower each other!
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