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Holistic Nutrition

We are now starting to truly recognize that what we eat really does affect our health, our mind, our body, our state of consciousness, the quality of our health and how we feel. There is more to us than just our physical body; we are complicated intelligent beings with interconnected pathways inside and outside of our selves that we don't even fully understand (yet). What we do know for certain is that our bodies need fuel from food, it is the essential building blocks of our physical existence. And what we eat affects every aspect of who we are either positively or negatively.


It is important to understand there is no diet that is right for everyone all of the time. Neither are there miracle nutrients that will cure. The truth is, there isn't one answer for everyone. Each one of us are different and unique, and we must understand and aspire to learn more about our selves in order to make right decisions for our well-being. A holistic nutritionist works closely with you to create a specific body-mind-soul plan that is right only for you. Learning about food, our bodies (physical and emotional), as well as our environment will enable us to become empowered to make real and sustainable decisions in order to change our lives and our health for the better.

What is Holistic Nutrition?

A holistic nutritionist is a health-care practitioner trained in natural nutrition and complementary therapies. A holistic nutritionist does not suppress or treat symptoms, rather they look on a deeper level of the body, mind, and soul to address the underlying issues that cause symptoms.


Mainstream medicine does not emphasize the significance of poor nutrition as a major cause of a wide range of health disorders. Even though it is understood by most people that eating healthy has much benefit, there are just too much conflicting information available causing confusion with consumers. Holistic nutritionists guide and educate their clients through the maze of information such as books, magazines, supplements, diets, and other available venues. They work with clients to identify and help correct the nutritional causes of diseases, and have been trained to design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimize health for each individual.

Bur remember, just like any practitioner, all nutritionists are not made equal. Find the practitioner that resonates with you. Don't be afraid to ask questions and co-create a program together. 

When to See a Holistic Nutritionist?
  • When your diet is not doing what you feel it should be doing
  • You feel you're ready for change
  • You are being called to work with food and nutrition as a way to prevent, drain, build, and/or heal
  • You want to learn how to use food as medicine
  • You want to reduce your toxic load and prevent illness
  • You want to live a healthier lifestyle and you are not sure how to use food optimally 
  • You want to learn how nutrition affects health
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