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My Services

Our work together is sacred. It is a commitment and journey of self discovery to the SEED of what has rooted within. I walk with you, listening, guiding, and holding space for you. We gently look at blockages that may be present in your body, mind & soul, as well as traumas, possible toxicity, lifestyle and diet. We work together toward supporting, releasing and healing on all levels of your body-mind-spirit.
My approach is personalized specifically to you. I am passionate about root cause and supporting you as you take ownership of your health! I'm so honoured and happy you are here.  

crystal energy Therapy 


Crystal Energy:

• Promotes and activates the body’s self-healing abilities
• Can support the balance of emotional energy

• Crystals hold space to experience mental clarity

• Increases mental/emotional awareness

• Encourages the development of creativity

• Unlocks the intuition

• Amplifies energy if there is a lack

• Encourages relaxation – if there is too much energy or hyperactivity

• Holds space for emotional release

• Works on the energetic levels to heal dis-ease

A combination of colour therapy and crystals are used to gently clear and release accumulated dense energies in your body, mind & soul. Crystals are used on specific energy centres and pathways on the body to help release dense energies in a safe and subtle way allowing you to replenish and heal while tapping into the ancient wisdom and transformational power they hold. They have the ability to reflect and bring out your own wisdom and tremendous transformational and healing power. Each session starts with a body scan to assess what is needed, then is personalized for you. It is very common to feel much lighter and deeply relaxed after a crystal healing session.

1 SESSION  |  $111
In person or remote
*All session are customized and range between 1hr - 1.5+hrs depending on what comes up and needs support. Nothing is ever rushed in these sessions*
Elemental energy Medicine
A powerful, effective and non-invasive technique using the intelligent feed-back system of your body. Based on TCM's (Traditional Chinese Medicine) 5 element theory, auricular medicine, and energy medicine, this powerful technique stimulates your body's own healing process and deep healing patterns allowing new information and energy to flow in your energy field and in the proper meridians which feed into your physical body and organs.
It can accelerate and deepens the healing process of your body.

It directs me to stagnant energies and areas that need support in your physical body, as well as your energetic field and aura. This guides your personalized program, and t
his technique can also be used to test food sensitivities and the correct supplementation, dosage, and duration specific to you.

We do not work with illnesses or symptoms, we work with creating balance in the systems that need the most support and remind the body that it's able to self-heal and auto-regulate. Your body's own healing process will clear, release, and heal blockages as needed, and on its own time.
Elemental energy can also deepen your own spiritual practice, ancestral work, past life wounding and help support you on your journey of discovering root-cause manifestations.

Sessions are best when done consecutively over a period of time, and work best with other drainage programs and therapies that support physical and psychological wellness and healing. 
1 SESSION  |  $188
In person or remote
*All session are customized and can range between 1- 2hrs depending on what comes up and needs support. Nothing is ever rushed in these sessions*

INTEGRATION & follow up

Integration is pivotal in any program. Follow ups are designed to help you integrate the healing you are doing, they support you, celebrate you, hold a safe space for you, and provide accountability so that you continue to take charge of your own journey. I continue to assess and support your program, we discuss the best steps of action that is right for you. Every body is different and unique. We are always on a continuous upward spiral of growth and evolution, and we all need support, you don't have to do it alone.  
1 hour  |  $150
30 min  |  $100

In person or remote
 Holistic PACKAGE
  • Personalized Holistic Nutrition Program (Includes an initial consultation and integration closing session)
  • complementary Energy Medicine Sessions (all modalities included)
  • Unlimited Support & Guidance Call
Energy Medicine
4x Energy Healing sessions - Elemental Energy & Crystal Energy (2 hrs ea) 
Sessions pair perfectly with a nutrition program. We clear energetic blockages gently guiding your body into self-healing and auto-regulating. This package supports the letting go of what no longer serves you, and stimulates your body's own healing and clearing response.
(Includes energetic testing for supplements and food sensitivities)

Holistic Nutrition
Includes one 1.5 hr initial consultation and a health
assessment. You will receive a personalized nutritional
program with a full holistic recommendation plan and 
nutraceutical/ supplement recommendations to support your body. 
**supplements and nutraceutical products not included in price**

Support & Guidance calls (unlimited for duration of the program)
Includes testing, re-assessing and adjusting as needed
Integration and closing of the program
This is a final session where we integrate all the work we have done together and create the next steps.
In person or remote
*package expires 6 months from date of purchase*
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